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Week 5 – Shut your Twinkie Hole!!!!

Well welcome to Week 5 of MKMMA…. Get prepared for a brain strain this week they said…. hmm… indeed!!!

Lets start the week by pondering sentence 9 in part 5 of Haanel’s Master Keys

“If either of us were building a home for ourselves, how careful we would be in regard to the plans; how we should study every detail; how we should watch the material and select only the best of everything; and yet how careless we are when it comes to building our own Mental Home, which is infinitely more important that physical home, as everything which can possibly enter into our lives depends upon the character of the material which enters into the construction of our Mental Home”

Two, seemingly simple exercises have opened up my mind to the realization that we are all conditioned – intentionally or not – by, well… EVERYTHING!! From influences from our hereditary genes, our parents, work collegues, tv, news, media, even our very own education system… and let me tell you when you realize the depth of this conditioning it is quite scary – but using the Law of Dual thought, I am going to say it is quite enlightening and empowering and attach a positive feeling rather than negative…

Step One… read the following – out loud – as quickly as you can…. wait for it…. read ONLY the names of the colours, NOT the actual words themselves…. ready…. set…. GO!!

word colours

So… how did you go?!! Tell the truth now, is your mind a little boggled… mine sure was after trying this little activity!! Our brains are conditioned to read WORDS, so bringing in a new little twist makes the brain strain to try and fight the “norm” – THINK ABOUT THAT!!

So onto Step Two and the title of my blog – which when Mark said it in the webinar had me in stitches…. Shut your Twinkie Hole!!

NO OPINIONS!!! – Thats right, nothing, zip, naught, ZERO opinions!! Holy SNAP!!!

This again seems simple, but OMG this is one of the hardest activities I have tried yet – we are ALL so opinionated!! So for the next two weeks (aahh!!) UNLESS I have world class area of expertise, I am not to offer my opinion even if asked! Cue husbands outrageous laughter and exitement-in-the-eyes here..

We are challenged to observe and catch ourselves out on it (in a fun way) – and continue to notice the following:

* How we may be able to verbally stop ourselves offering an opinion

* How we continue though to do it in our HEAD!!

* How we debate and judge others’ opinions in our minds

This is tough… do you know how many times I start a conversation with a stranger something along the lines of “Gee its hot outside today, this weather is crazy” !!!!

EVERY opinion we have is 100% attached to our associative memory – our OLD blueprint / our current conditioning.

TRY, just TRY these two little activities and let me know how you go….

and Yes my husband is STILL laughing. HARD.





Week 4 – Im addicted!!

Here is a thought to ponder….. Are you addicted to failure??

Now on a conscious level that makes NO sense what-so-ever right?? “I am addicted to failure and all the negative emotion that is involved with failing….” said no-one ever! lol… but it has been scientifically proven that if you seem to have a pattern of failure in your life, that your subconscious may actually be creating external situations to ensure you DO fail!! Now stay with me here….

In a nutshell (a very simple one – not like a walnut which you have to virtually smash with a hammer!! lol), every time you have an emotional experience, being positive or negative, your body releases a special chemical called peptides, which create the experience and chemical reaction within the cells of your brain.. the more experiences you have, the more chemicals that are released, the more the chemicals that are released, the more your brain becomes addicted to receiving these chemicals….

So, lets say you always seem to come across bad luck or experiences, though you dont set out to have these, they just seem to “occur” – even when you are putting all your heart and soul into acting and being positive and living a happy and fulfilled life – if these negative experiences have been a common part of your life for some time, regardless of how hard you try to avoid the negative situations, your brain is literally craving the chemical peptides that are created from experiencing the negative. So, you go about your day and all is going well… yet your brain has not received its “hit” for the day, so it will, with ALL its might and power, try to seduce your subconscious into creating a negative situation whereby it can receive its “fix” and before you know it BOOM – shite hits the fan and you end up having a crappy day or dont achieve what you set your mind to…. you failed…. again….. BUT your brain is happy it got its fix so that’s something right?!!! Hmmmm….. I dont think so…

Here comes the positive empowering part though…


If you choose to be an observer of your brain, as weird as that sounds…. really choose to take notice of your thoughts and introduce new positive, reaffirming habits daily it is possible to create new pathways that induce new peptides which create positive, uplifting experiences which will become your norm…. and these are the peptides you want your brain addicted to.

I am SO grateful for the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course and all of their staff and guides, they are continually introducing new positive daily habits. Providing we are completing them with “enthuuuuuuuusiasm” (as Mark J loves to say) and” FEEEEELINGS that give us goosies” (lol)….  we are constantly interrupting our old thought-patterns and  “default” settings for our brain, creating new, positive pathways and peptides, so that our brains then become addicted to creating situations that will generate continual positive experiences….. enter… BLISS!!! Woop woop – time to Jump for Joy!!! Come at me freedom and success!!

jump for joy

My favourite promise of the week, in line with the Laws of Giving and Receiving is this…

“Wherever I go I bring a gift.  I may bring a compliment, a prayer, a trinket, a flower… but I promise I will give something to every person I encounter” –  combine this with the beginning of sentence 21 from Haanels The Master Keys “The more we give, the more we shall get…” – powerful.

Hello, my name is Amber, and Im addicted….

I am addicted to giving

I am addicted to this course!!

and I am learning to become addicted to success!!




Week 3 – Its time to Elsa!

Understanding and learning that you have the true power to CHOOSE how you want to feel is empowering – actually putting it into place can sometimes be a challenge…

So I discovered this week.

We have been learning about the patterns of our old blueprint, how quick it is to jump in and take over and, we have also been learning about choices and the Law of Dual Thought; the power to attach any feeling to a thought – on paper this seems logical and my conscious brain accepts that this is possible – all is well…

Enter… dun dun dunnnnn…… an argument…. and almost immediately my old blueprint jumps out and screams RAAAA!!! Imagine an argument, that makes you mad… so mad that every fibre of your being is writhing with tension, that the “natural reaction” and associated feelings that emerge are anger and resentment…. So much so that I contemplated going straight to bed, without completing my readings of the Greatest Salesman, my DMP, blueprint builder, promise cards and Master Key lessons… I was fuming!!


Let’s pause the story here for just a moment and define an argument; according to the most educated source on the planet (Dr Google!!) an argument is defined as “an exchange of diverging or opposite views, typically a heated or angry one”.

Typically a heated or angry one… the very definition teaches us that an argument has to incorporate feelings of anger, so how are we to move forward from this??

By CONSCIOUS choice….

It took everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (a bold, underlined and capitalized type of everything!) in me to draw upon my lessons of the last three weeks. I took a few deep breaths through my nose, closed my eyes for a few minutes and completely cleared my mind of any and all thoughts – and then one suddenly popped into my head. The Law of Dual Thought – I can attach any feeling to a thought I want… I can not feel both positive and negative at the same time… honestly, it kind of felt like part of me wanted to feel angry (which makes NO sense on a conscious level! But hello to you old blueprint – you are not welcome here anymore!!), I felt I could justify being angry because of the situation, but I didn’t LIKE how it made my body or my mind feel..

So I decided to make a choice…. I chose to make myself feel understanding and appreciation for the situation – and once I did this, I swear it was like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I felt incredible!!! I felt empowered, and the more I accepted and focused on these positive feelings, the more relaxed my body became and the happier I felt. It was like a 360 degree turn around in a heartbeat…. I am proud to say that I completed all my required readings and enjoyed them on a level I had not experienced before!! I went to sleep happy and at peace because I CHOSE to let the negative feelings go…

Let it go....
Let it go..

We are still only in the very early stages of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course but the pieces are starting to fit together. The readings are crossing over and I am effortlessly finding links between them all and the exercises we are completing.  I am confident that this new habit of choice will only become easier as time presses on – to quote from the great Og Mandino himself “….for when an act becomes easy through constant repetition, it becomes a pleasure to perform and if it a pleasure to perform it is in man’s nature to perform it often”

Things are changing…and I am EXCITED!!!




Week 2 – New Habits

“As a child I was slave to my impulses; now I am slave to my habits, as are all grown men. I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path which threatens to imprison my failure.” Og Mandino

Oh SNAP!!! When you really and genuinely understand this quote it is SUPER scary and exceptionally EXCITING all in the one breath of emotion…

At first glance or read, you may think.. “yes, well, that seems logical, but it is what it is, and I am who I am, so nothing can change”….

STOP!!! NOOO!!! You have to understand you have the absolute power within you to form NEW habits which can completely change your life!

Now, Im not talking ‘think a happy thought and your life tomorrow will be everything you long for’, it does not work that way – it takes WORK and TIME to form a new habit and you have to be willing to push through the resistance of your old habits – or old blueprint.

Enter Week 2 of MKMMA….. whoosh that first week seemed to just fly right by and already we are into our second week. If someone had have told me 2 weeks ago that I would be reading out loud to myself with absolute enthusiasm and excitement I would have told them they were mad!! I have not done this since I was a child and honestly to start with it felt really silly… but once I DECIDED that I was going to DO this every day regardless of how silly I felt, it has started to become fun and somewhat exciting! I now look forward to completing this task and am finding new and different ways of emphasizing my words, getting completely involved in the experience and I am LOVING how I feel after I do it. Focusing on the feeling it gives me has enabled me to push through the ‘old-school’ limitations that would initially rear their head about this new habit I am forming…. because I WANT to feel this way, in turn, I WANT to complete the task!!

Which leads me into my second HOLY CRUMPETS moment this week…!!

The Law of Dual Thought

“Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.”

Now I want you to really understand this….


say whaaaaaaat?!!!


Let me say that again…. you have the ability to attach ANY feeling you want to a thought….. ANY !!! If you can truly grasp the concept of this sentence, it will The way you look at things changes, the way you feel about situations and people changes because YOU are in control of what you want to feel!!! It is a choice, all-be-it sometimes a very hard choice depending on the situation… but none-the-less it is a CHOICE!

Sitting perfectly still and quiet for 15mins every day last week was fun, to me it kind of felt like an out of body experience by the time you got into the 5th/6th minute and beyond. We had the ability to just let our thoughts wander where they wanted, providing we sat perfectly still.  This weeks challenge… to control what you are thinking and to observe just how many thoughts try to infiltrate your consciousness… it is scary being the observer of your own thoughts but empowering to know that you CAN control them…

“Thus the first law I will obey, which precedeth all others is – I will form good habits and become their slave

Bring it on!! “With enthuuuuuusiasm!!” as Mark J would say



Week 1.. Its all about ME!

You know that feeling you get when you are “pee in your pants” excited yet absolutely scared out of your wits at the same time???….

Kinda like this…


Well that was me at the beginning of this week. It was time, time for me to go back to school, but not for your typical education (though the content of this course should REALLY be taught in every school across the globe!).

This course is all about ME. Ok so not JUST me, but each and every individual willing to work on themselves…

This concept has become foreign to me, to focus – really focus – on me. As a mother of two gorgeous cherubs my focus for the last 10 years has been solely on them, which is great (and a super important aspect of parenting!), however somewhere along the way I seemed to have lost the ability to also focus on me.

It felt selfish, like I was taking something away from them to even think about what it was that I really wanted, but as they have continued to grow (almost 10 and 7), I realised that I was missing something…. the ability to really set and achieve goals, but more than this, how to teach them to do the same. You see I felt I could handle it if I didn’t have the ability to pursue my dreams yet it would just break my heart to think that they could not have anything they want in and out of life…. and so my journey began.

I stumbled across this course, called the Master Key Master Mind Alliance – or MKMMA – and immediately I recognised this is NOTHING like I have ever seen, read or experienced before.  I love to read, and have always been open to self development and “self help” (using Mark J’s quotey-things! haha) books – looking to better myself and be able to share that knowledge with my children, I have read books, completed workshops, been to multiple seminars, read more books and still felt there was something missing…. the first week into MKMMA and Im so excited to say I genuinely believe I have found the missing piece to the puzzle, but more than that… a gorgeous community of people willing to help me piece it all together!!

Join Our TeamThey take you back – right back to the beginning…

When we are born, our life is like a blank canvas and our journey creates the masterpiece. We have the ability to choose our own colours, textures, mediums, and own unique style – yet somewhere along the way we encounter a problem… external influence and a desire to please other people with our masterpiece. Instead of being true to ourselves and our deep, passionate, purposeful, personal desires we start to listen to others opinions of how our masterpiece should look.

“Don’t colour outside the lines, don’t use those colours, I wouldn’t do that if I were you…” and the list goes on. We begin to focus on approval of external influences and forget how we really wanted our masterpiece to look…


MKMMA teaches, although we are created for success, we get programmed for failure, from a very early age…. by something called the “Red Pencil Syndrome”.  Think about it – so much focus goes into the red crosses you would receive in primary school outlining how many items you got wrong, they are teaching us to seek approval by achieving more and more ticks/checks… and so begins our programming. The focus shifts from positive to negative, how many can I get wrong but still be accepted (and pass) by my peers. This gradual but continual process continues and so our need for validation and approval gets ingrained deep within our core belief system.

ALL actions are dictated by BELIEF, and if we believe we need external validation and approval we can never live our life of true purpose. It is challenging to change beliefs that have been set from such an early age, challenging… but possible!! And I think that is what excites me most about the upcoming 26+ weeks….. hand in hand we are being taught HOW.

Excited can not possible begin to describe how I am already feeling….