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Week 17 and a half – Gratitude is a blessing in more ways than one…

Have you ever noticed the look on someone’s face when you offer them a genuine thank you, or a compliment for what would otherwise be “everyday/usual service”?? There seem to be two common reactions, 1) a sheer look of shock because they are not used to getting complimented or 2) a huge warm smile beams across there face.


I invite you to try it for yourself, next time you are in busy line for a coffee or at Woollies (that’s a grocery store for my American friends!!) and have been waiting for a teller, offer them a genuine compliment when they get to serving you and thank them for their excellent service and patience with the crowds and just observe there reaction – you just never know how much a single, genuine compliment can mean to a person…. I always am one to thank people for great service but am more consciously showing gratitude to ‘everyday’ type service and situations and the responses have been amazing.

Combine this task along with writing daily gratitude and ‘mini journal’ cards (whereby in just a couple short sentences you relive a special moment from the day) and you can bet your bottom dollar that when you come to reading them multiple times throughout the day, this action can pull you up and out of any funk you may find yourself in – these have been my saving grace the last few days.


I am so grateful for the MKMMA course for the skills they give you are life long and work in so many more ways than you could imagine so when the world appears to be in a whirlwind with you at the epicentre there are specific steps you can take to help you find your grounding and connect with the peace and harmony that the Universe has to offer.


Live Limitless and fill your life with authentic gratitude





Week 17 – Abundance is…


It Is Everywhere. Positive, negative and everything in-between can be found abundantly IF you are looking for it.

Let this settle with you for a moment while we revisit the beginning of an exercise we began two weeks ago…

To completely focus on a chosen virtue for a week, and last week was kindness… it was a most beautiful experience, and the more we looked and shared, the more we saw it and could see it in ourselves.

Learning from this experience, we now know that my focusing on a given virtue, and sharing experiences through masterminding, it can be found in abundant quantities… everywhere. Do you realize just how profound this is?? We actually used the law of growth to prove it so!!

So imagine, if you can… choosing ANY given thought and being able to find the resources to have it enter into your life abundantly…. whoo… this is a pretty big deal!!

Honestly this is something I struggled to wrap my head around… here is the catch though…. I said ANY given thought, that means positive OR negative….. and goodness know Ive proven the law of growth to myself on numerous occasions – without even realizing!!

I always knew I didn’t want to be someone who struggled financially, and unintentionally THIS became my focus!! Instead of focusing on the positive, I was focusing on the negative!

Re-iterating just how careful you MUST be with your thoughts, only allowing positive ones to flow through you and into you. Your watchman at the gate must be on high alert at ALL times…. and up until recently, I think mine has been having afternoon Nanna Naps!!

Haanel is helping me identify how to do this just beautifully:

34. If you wish to eliminate fear, concentrate on courage

35. If you wish to eliminate lack, concentrate on abundance

36. If you wish to eliminate disease, concentrate on health

wake up

Its time to WAKE UP watchman and do your job!!!

My other favourite take away for this week…

permissionI promise to give myself FULL permission to have complete access to my power and to be HAPPY!!

Live Limitless

(and give yourself permission)



Week 16 – Kindness does WHAT?!

Imagine…. Spending a whole week looking for, creating and recognizing kindness in the world…. how amazing would that be – to focus purely on kindness…. now imagine 300+ people doing the same thing…. do you think that would have an impact on the world – well welcome to week 16!!

And what a week it has been!


Increasing the progression of our complete personality make-over (how awesome this is btw) we were asked to focus completely on kindness for the entire week… and we know that what we focus on grows (Law of Growth 101!).  This has been one of the most profound experiences throughout the Master Key experience yet.

Kindness is everywhere. You simply have to choose to see it.

Seeing it in yourself it fairly easy, but once you open your eyes to the fact that it completely surrounds you – it becomes effortless.

Sharing our experiences daily as a requirement, it is actually hard to keep up with ALL of the kindness in the world!! What an incredible feeling that is!! It happens SO often, SO much and SO quickly that only a few hours pass and there are another 100 plus comments of people sharing random acts of kindness.

Tying in beautifully with this weeks Master Key lesson… it brings to light so many of the thoughts and ideas Haanel is sharing… particularly sentence 30

“You will readily see that what we think determines the quality of mind, and that the quality of mind in turn determines our ability and mental capacity, and you can readily understand that the improvement in our ability will naturally be followed by increase in attainment and a greater control of circumstances”

Combine the daily reading of our flash cards of gratitude and successes….. Increasing our ability and mental capacity – by focusing on kindness??!! SO cool!!


And we know the law of LOVE is another way to describe the law of attraction….. AWESOME!

With love and kindness

Live Limitless



Week 15 – The Law of AWESOME

So here we are at week 15 – man time seems to just fly by!

We were given an awesome challenge this week to pick a particular characteristic within ourselves which we would like to improve… OK so thats pretty easy…. then we were asked to identify this characteristic as we see it occur around us, in people, in children, in animals, and in ourselves.

You know when you make a decision to buy something – say like you decide you want to buy a new red car…. and you start your due diligence and focus your attention checking out prices and models etc etc…. all of a sudden it seems like EVERYWHERE you go there are red cars!! And you think it is completely bizarre that you never noticed this before…. introducing the law of growth…. what you think about grows.


The red cars have obviously always been there, yet they were not your focus, and not in your path…. (ps how HOT is that red sports car!! lol)

Merging the exercise and this law is POWERFUL….. And I am dubbing it the “Law of Awesome” (!!) because… all of a sudden, everywhere I am starting to see the specific characteristic in people. It has always been there, I have just not focused on it.

The kicker though…. this week we learned that we could not see this characteristic in others…. if we first did not posses it ourselves…. this realization is HUGE, so now not only am I noticing it occur around me, I am purposefully looking to find it, in everything!! And thus ingraining in my subconscious my ability to see it in others PROVES it lies within me…. I just have to FOCUS!!! (insert looking glass here!)


Coupling this, with Part 15 of the Master Keys… some powerful, powerful, sentences…

Sentence 24 – “There is a principle of Mathematics, but none of error; there is a principle of health, but none of disease; there is a principle of truth, but none of dishonesty; there is a principle of light, but none of darkness, and there is a principle of abundance, but none of poverty.”

In a nutshell, my take away is that you can not have both the positive AND negative.. “where there is (insert principle here) there can/will be no (insert negativity here)”….

Sentence 26 – “These are self-evident facts, but the all-important truth that a thought containing principle is vital and therefore contains life and consequently takes root, and eventually but surely and certainly displaces the negative thoughts, which by their very nature can contain no vitality, is one which seems to have been overlooked”

My take away – STOP, whatever you are doing or thinking… STOP thinking about what you DONT WANT!!!!


Sometimes we can get so focused on what we do not want, and in turn we are actually making this happen!! (I am SO sure of what I dont want!! FACE PALM!! Ive been doing it wrong the whole time!!!)

Instead, work out what you dont want (its good to be aware) BUUUUT… find out its opposite, the positive and focus focus FOCUS on this instead – for what we think about grows, and what we don’t atrophies…. and what better way to rid ourselves of the negative (for there can not be both positive and negative) than to grow the positive!!



Live limitless



Week 14 – Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme….. Get on up it’s Peace be the Journey time!!

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time! Cool Runnings!

So we were asked to watch a movie this week, one of the options being an all-time favourite of mine… Cool Runnings. No problem!! I must have watched this movie so many times as a kid, and still love it to this day, yet this week, I watched it for the first time with open eyes… really understanding the true story behind the story and WOW what a joy it was to explore it from this angle, looking at and identifying everything we have been learning about over the last 14 weeks…. it makes me want to sing…. “Nuff people say, you know they can’t believe, Jamaica we have a bob sled team…” (you know the song!!)

Lets look at the most obvious persistence shown throughout the movie and the 4 tiny habits associated…

Habit 1. The absolute BURNING desire of Derice willing to do anything to make his dream of being in the olympics come true – his DMP – CHECK!

Habits 2 and 4. Joining together 4 unlikely team mates and a coach who dedicate themselves to learning how to bobsled (or Billsled if you ask Sanka!) – his definite PLAN and friendly ALLIANCE – CHECK AND CHECK!

a gold medal

(interject the power of positive thought, BELIEVE you are a champion even if you dont win the gold)

Habit 3. The amazingly positive attitude he continues to exude even though they were laughed out of every plan they tried to undertake in order for them to reach their mutual dream – CHECK!


As the story goes, they are faced with challenge after challenge which they tackle head on – one of the most important pieces noted was their ability to define themselves after their very first race on the ice….. ICE!!!


Sanka identifies the problem as Derice trying to copy the Swiss team which he idolizes. Now lets look at the reasoning here for one moment…

In the movie, the Swiss team are good…. VERY good, the best, and it is Derice’s dream to BE the best (or just like the best) and so, logically it seems to make sense that to be the best you have to ACT the best, do what the best do, talk like the best talk, walk like the best walk, sled like the best sled, and basically ACT LIKE the best… herein lies the problem which Sanka so gracefully identifies…

“All I’m saying, mon, is if we walk Jamaican, talk Jamaican, and *is* Jamaican, then we sure as hell better bobsled Jamaican.”

This ties in beautifully with Scroll IV of The Greatest Salesman. To move forward, not only did they need to identify that they were unique, they needed to embrace this uniqueness and use it to their advantage..

“Henceforth, I will capitalize on this difference for it is an asset to be promoted to the fullest. I am nature’s greatest miracle. Vain attempts to imitate others no longer will I make. Instead will I place my uniqueness on display in the market place. I will proclaim it, yea I will sell it. I will begin now to accent my differences; hide my similarities”

They realised they *IS* Jamaican and capitalized this difference to their advantage…

I could go on and on about each character in this blog, identifying their own hero’s journey…. but rather I say, go watch the movie!! Again…. and again!!! And identify with the characters struggles, building the habits of persistence and take from it all the gems you will to help you move forward.

AAAAND how cool is this….. courtesy of Derice… “Cool Runnings” means “Peace Be The Journey.”

When you feel the doubt creep in…. remember…..

I see pride

Live Limitless