Week 17 and a half – Gratitude is a blessing in more ways than one…

Have you ever noticed the look on someone’s face when you offer them a genuine thank you, or a compliment for what would otherwise be “everyday/usual service”?? There seem to be two common reactions, 1) a sheer look of shock because they are not used to getting complimented or 2) a huge warm smile beams across there face.


I invite you to try it for yourself, next time you are in busy line for a coffee or at Woollies (that’s a grocery store for my American friends!!) and have been waiting for a teller, offer them a genuine compliment when they get to serving you and thank them for their excellent service and patience with the crowds and just observe there reaction – you just never know how much a single, genuine compliment can mean to a person…. I always am one to thank people for great service but am more consciously showing gratitude to ‘everyday’ type service and situations and the responses have been amazing.

Combine this task along with writing daily gratitude and ‘mini journal’ cards (whereby in just a couple short sentences you relive a special moment from the day) and you can bet your bottom dollar that when you come to reading them multiple times throughout the day, this action can pull you up and out of any funk you may find yourself in – these have been my saving grace the last few days.


I am so grateful for the MKMMA course for the skills they give you are life long and work in so many more ways than you could imagine so when the world appears to be in a whirlwind with you at the epicentre there are specific steps you can take to help you find your grounding and connect with the peace and harmony that the Universe has to offer.


Live Limitless and fill your life with authentic gratitude





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