Week 19 – Maths and MKMMA..

2 minutes + 1 pose + 1 specific question = ???

One of my most favorites subjects at school growing up was…. Maths…. (boo hiss I hear some of you say!) but I was one of the kids in the class who loved it, I learned it, practiced it, refined my working out and well eventually I just got it – and when I got it, it became effortless and dare I say it….. FUN!

Some of my classmates where not so keen on it though….

math pic how-to-do-math

I never really understood why I liked it so much, but Im beginning to…. this may seem a little like a curve ball for a blog topic for MKMMA, but bare with me and I will try to explain (without mathematical terminology…. so you can breathe a sigh of relief now!)

No matter what the mathematical equation is, from simple number sentences to complex algebraic equations (Im done – promise! haha) the solution is always the same. You could give 25 different people the same question, and although they each may have a different way of working it out, they all still come to the same solution.

Linking this to our learnings with MKMMA…. we have each been learning, learning, learning and have been asked to complete some very specific tasks at a very specific time throughout this course which are leading us all down the path to mastering our “Compound Complex Progression”……

1. 3 gratitudes daily

2. 2 RAKs

3. A 1-2 sentence mini journal

4. Exercise

5. Sit

…..and although we each have our own style of working out (being our individual input, thoughts, feelings and actions) we are all headed to the same solution…. ย  HAPPINESS!! So no matter which way you look at it, if you complete the equation by fulfilling each point, no matter your working out…. you WILL achieve the same outcome! It is predicable and well, just downright AWESOME!!

Now onto the first part of my equation…. 2 minutes + 1 pose

The culmination of lessons for this, week 19 (and a touch of 18) has been nothing less than amazing… adding in the tiniest of habits to assist in our complete personality makeovers. Its time to “Wonder Woman Up!!”


This week we were introduced to the beautiful Amy Cuddy, and I was reminded of a phenomenal clip shared by TedEx that shares such a simple yet powerful message, that posture can give you power. And not only can it give you power but you can literally and chemically train your brain to create higher levels of testosterone while decreasing cortisol levels in an instant (or a 2 minute window). The clip runs for 20mins but is so worth the investment of time…

And the final piece to this weeks equation….ย  + 1 specific question = ???

Have you ever heard or seen something that you wish you could “un-hear” or “un-see”? Because now that you have heard or seen it, it has changed you in some way. Perhaps in a way that makes you take responsibility for yourself and this beautiful thing we call life…. well…. here comes a question that will make you do just that….. you will have no choice but to take action after you read it, you have been warned…. overt your eyes or stop reading if this thought bothers you because here comes one of the most profound slap-in-the-face can’t-help-but-take-action questions I have ever come across….

What would the person I intend to become do next?


Most people know, like really know, in the pit of their stomach who they want be, the type of person they wish to become…. and most know the steps necessary to take to achieve their desires, yet for some reason the link between what is “now” and what “can be” is sometimes a little wobbly, distractions easily take place and slowly and surely push you off course. Well this question, if you read it and really accept it for what it is and really understand it…. can start to repair the link…

So ask yourself this question consistently… and any time you feel a hint of hesitation or doubt toward taking action… What would the person I intend to become do next?

so lets put it all together…

2 minutes + 1 pose + 1 specific question = ???

What is the solution…..?? I’ll let you decide that on your own…. but how awesome is it that we are all working toward this answer together – with gratitude and kindness

Live Limitless




8 thoughts on “Week 19 – Maths and MKMMA..

    1. Steven, thank you for such an awesome comment, I do it mostly for myself, if I can relate it to something meaningful for me, I know for future I will be able to read back through these and really understand our training. Blessings to you!


  1. I enjoyed math, too! (Until I got to Calculus, and found it was more like foreign language.) Great way to relate our learnings to something scientific…no matter how you go about it, we all reach the same destination. All roads lead to math. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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