Week 21 – Do you believe….??

Do you believe in miracles?

Lets start with the definition of a miracle; according to Websters online dictionary, a miracle is defined as:

an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs. : an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment.

This seems fair enough and the definition to which most people would agree/believe. I know I used to agree with this definition…. thats right…. used to…. I thought miracles defined ONLY as being these big, wonderful, unexplainable occurances that happened in peoples lives if they were very very lucky…. how wrong I was.

miracles baby

This week in MKMMA my mind was blown… (surprise surprise…. again!!)

In a way that made me strain my brain and go back to high school science to really understand the true meaning of the word…. I am beginning to understand more and more that miracles are ALL around us, everywhere in everything and everyone we see, touch and feel.

Not being the sciencey/physics type I never really understood atoms and molecules and the way they come together with space and energy to form unique things…. things in my world, just “were”. I never gave too much thought toward just how totally amazing this concept really is.

In a way that I could never re-explain Davine basically taught us that we are made up of more ‘space’ that anything else and that the only reason we are able to see our bodies is due to the unique energy of all the atoms working in perfect harmony with each other, if this did not occur, we would cease to exist…. this blew my mind!


Ive always experienced periods of awe and wonder as I take in the beauty of nature, whether it be a simple flower, a sunset, a tiny creature or a new born child…. I find myself just stopping (as if the whole world does with me) just for a split second to appreciate how really wondrous we truly are…. I look at my gorgeous kids (who have just turned 10 and 7) and think to myself, holy crap…. I actually grew these beauties inside me…. !!!!

Ive learned this week to open my eyes more to the miracles that surround us, literally everywhere, and by extension have no choice to believe that I too am a miracle…. although that to me still sounds a little surreal… but….Β  I CHOOSE to believe….


Which way do you CHOOSE to live your life?

Do you believe?? Well try this on for size…..


Now tell me when you look all around you, you don’t see miracles….. yep…. EXACTLY!!

Live Limitless and believe




9 thoughts on “Week 21 – Do you believe….??

  1. Love how you simplify and illustrate the topic Amber. I too can look at my children and see them as beautiful miracles and yet not see myself through the same eyes! But our parents see us as we see our children!

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