Week 22a – Spread your wings… (its not that scary…)

The first week of MKMMA where we have been given the option to spread our wings, preparing for the end of the course.


I have to say, honestly I was scared, but I KNOW now that was just my old blueprint holding me hostage (as it has done for so long!)…

We were given the option to read what we want to read and dictate our own week with no “further instruction” so-to-speak and I didn’t know how I was going to go… I am so used to being told what to do, by previous “experts” who leave you hanging on to their every word. They don’t teach you HOW to think for yourself they just teach you to rely on them… and the next course they develop…. and then the next, they leave you with a feeling that you can never leave them because you “wont know what to do”.

How deeply I was sucked into this routine I did not even realise…. until this week was approaching and I was SO nervous about it….. but once I started to trust the process, I realised it was easy. Easy because we have been taught life skills to take us through to the end of the course and beyond.

It was completely invigorating to have the freedom to direct my own week, and I DID it.

I feel like I am emerging from a cocoon which has surrounded me for so long, stretching my wings and learning to fly….

flat,550x550,075,f_u1Ok, so I may not be as graceful as I WILL to be…. YET!! But I am so grateful for everything the MKMMA course has done for me, and continues to do.

Im digging deep and I WILL see this through… because I know how to DO IT NOW!!

Kindness and gratitude to you all for sharing in my journey so far…


Live Limitless




2 thoughts on “Week 22a – Spread your wings… (its not that scary…)

  1. Your are fabulous Amber. I definitely have seen those beautiful little wings or your unfold and it has been an absolute honour to get to know you from the other side of this little planet. I think you’re brilliant. 😃


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